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Incident Management


Big Data Analytics

Redwert helps to handle the exponential growth of big data in today’s era with AI and intelligent framework. We encourage companies to be quick in adopting high-end technology, shall reduce the risk of obsolescence.

Healthcare Softwares

Redwert efficiently and seamlessly manages the core operation of healthcare with platforms and services designed for patient safety and analytics.

Business Intelligence

Redwert helps in Business Intelligence and Data visualization with insights from a different source and also allow you to create your own interactive dashboard.

App Development

Redwert enables you to walk differently in warehousing, application development and cloud computing with elastic technology which opens new opportunities to other businesses and healthcare organizations.

About Us

Who We Are

REDWERT is a value-driven company which adopt technology that makes lives easier. We are committed to helping organizations in various industries of any size and experience by leveraging an integrated quality, agile software solution. We seek to enhance the lives of millions of people and empower organizations to uphold their reputation and improve their business performance.

What We Do

From web applications to business Intelligence, to web site design to data management, to healthcare to banking solution, we help companies old or new, big or small to achieve their goals. Our vision is to be a world-class organization admired for delivering quality work and value (Wert). We are surrounded by young, energetic, smart people for enhancing next Gen technology for data-driven business solutions. Our approach and attitudes are our values.

Why We Do It

REDWERT is convinced that performance is a result of effective application management. We are passionate about creating a meaningful solution for touching millions of end-users for accelerating their business goals. We are a quick-witted team and truly want to make a difference, and love working with people who inspire us to think big.

Industries We Serve




Digital Marketing







Logistic & Shipping



We aim to help each and every organization that has Quality and Safety at the very heart of their efforts.
No matter the size, or experience.

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