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Healthcare processes are multifaceted and often prone to many risks. Redwert deals with this aspect of the healthcare industry. Our cloud-based AI software brings to you incident reporting, error reporting, as well as patient safety reporting systems integrated with risk management on one user-friendly portal specifically designed according to your business. We provide quality, incident, and performance management solutions integrated with error, risk, and incident reporting systems in hospitals as a part of our patient safety software of healthcare.

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Our healthcare incident and risk management software is used worldwide and is available in different languages. We present a platform that facilitates process automation, data collection, and workflow management.

INCIDENTS - Healthcare Incident Management & Risk Analytics Module

Access incident reporting systems in hospitals and application of features like Risk matrix for the identification of risk intensity and to guide for the efficient action.

FACES - Biometric Pain Scale Assessment

Faces is a part of our patient safety reporting system. With Faces you can analyse the intensity of pain and uneasiness with the help of our biometric technology.

E-TRACKER - Medical Procedure Cost Estimator

The estimate tracker allows you to track an estimate of total expense of medical procedure you are planning to undertake helps you in managing financial arrangements like insurances.

L-TRACKER - Hospital License Tracker

License trackers helps you track your medical licences with alerts and notifications so that you can avoid last minute hassle while opting for emergency medical care.


We believe that software should be manageable and user-friendly apart from being accurate and affordable. Redwert enhances your healthcare experience by taking care of your incident, risk, quality, and performance management in compliance with healthcare standards worldwide.

Single Platform: Many Use Cases

Redwert is a single platform that lets you access many use cases all over the healthcare organization to enhance the patient safety reporting system and the quality of functioning.

Ready to use Templates

Brings to you- customizable templates so that you can personalize the platform according to the specifications of your organization in no time.

Analytics and Insights

The AI technology will help you in taking quick decisions by giving you valuable insights and guidance about the efficiency of the healthcare incident reporting software.

Fully Automated Platform

The platform is fully automated, which means that you do not need to spend time learning how to make it work. The AI technology learns and adapts itself according to the data entered by the user. It can work the patient safety reporting system, the error reporting systems in healthcare, and the incident reporting systems in hospital by itself.

High-end Technologies

Our progressive web application can be accessed at any time from any device, depending on the user's convenience. You are also not likely to face network issues as the platform operates offline, as well. It helps in the promotion of patient safety and the reduction of medical errors in healthcare organizations.

Management Dashboards and Reporting Tools-

Management dashboard and reporting tools help you keep track of performance indicators and other data like incident reports for the organization. These tools help the users make an informed decision regarding the efficient working of the organization.


Do you own an idea? we transpose it into existence. We define us in 3 words: Idea, Develop, Achieve. In Redwert Incubation Lab (RIL), we develop scalable and high performing applications with unswerving guidance and help of our technical architects. Being a committed software developing company we develop custom software with innovative ideas and technologies, we can work as a team to face hurdles and triumph. Our service ranges from



Planning for something big? We recommend to go with native android and ios applications. Native apps work on the device’s operating system which can provides noticeable speed and a recognizable look and feel. Native apps are more interactive and intuitive.



Worried about the cost of development? Hybrid Applications which provides multi-platform support with low cost with ease of development. With hybrid app consistent experience, you can be sure your app offers superior UI experience and flawless performance to app users.



Less Traffic? Progressive Web Applications can promise you 68% increase in mobile traffic by 15-fold improvement of load and installation speed and 25-times reduced use of device storage.It can boost the searchability of your app.



Unlike mobile applications which only function on specific platforms like android or ios, a responsive website can be accessed from any device regardless of the operating system, as long as an internet connection is available. Websites are always cost-effective.

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Data Science

Data Science is a mixture of several tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the purpose to get insights and trends by analyzing assorted data and helps an organization to work better in decision making, industry leadership, operational excellence and also in intelligence approach when it times of crisis. The processes in Data Science are Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Mining, and Predictive Analytics so on and so forth Data science has proved useful in every industry, hence there is a need to use Big Data Analytics for the scientific use of process and tools for better data visualization and data mining. We help organizations in adapting to a data-driven approach with advanced data analytics techniques.

Big Data Analytics

Recently the world started to run on data. Big data is a broad term used to describe a gathering, analyzing, and storing bulky amounts of digital information to improve operations and those data used to perform meaningful business intelligence called big data analytics. We help every organization secure their data and use it to recognise new opportunities. That, in turn drives to intelligent business moves, more productive operations, higher profits and happier customers. It's the most powerful tool for advancing operations and augmenting intelligence in any industry. Is your business ready for Big Data Analytics?

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Are you ready to receive more quality leads? Are you finding it difficult to build your brand and improve your marketing? Let us help you to accomplish your digital requirements. We just did not want to design something that will give any business an opportunity to be online, but something that solves a problem for that business. We are Redwert, a broad team of happy creative designers, developers, marketers. Our team works with you to expand and complement your underlying DNA.

Website Design

As we all know, Today’s digital world having a website is no more a luxury. It’s a mandate. Right from designing a new website to proclaiming it, we shall do it all in-house. We help your business to grow online and achieve your marketing goals.

Content Marketing

We have insights, expertise, experience and resources. Content that resonates with your audience goes a long route. We can plan the content across the entire brand’s marketing touchpoints which could be through a social media, website search, mobile or email.

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Redwert has a broad team of experts in all the key areas from smart website design to SEO. We pride ourselves on being kind and calm to work with. Why not contact us today to see how we can meet your requirements?


We aim to help each and every organization that has Quality and Safety at the very heart of their efforts.
No matter the size, or experience.

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