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How Digital Reporting Helps in Improving Near Miss

Near miss are established in all organization for capturing the minute incidents. There were two types of errors contribute to accidents, active failure and latent failure. Active failure is referred to like the sharp end of the system like healthcare. near-miss is those kinds of incidents about to happened but saved because of various reasons. It is an alarming sign of many future severe incidents, therefore, the framework encompasses the large of possible circumstance to be considered and can be used as a guide for the investigation and analysis.

A study conducted in Multispeciality Hospital which practised pen and paper method of reporting incidents with a very low percentage of near-miss reports. The green project strives to provide affordable healthcare to people.

We used a survey method with predefined questions related to checking the prevalence of reporting various types of incidents in the sample size of 20 staff nurses. Questions predominantly about the types of incidents and the importance of reporting.

The majority of the sample size reported that they are aware of types of incidents. Almost all samples reported that they are reluctant about reporting near miss. Half of the sample reported that the reason is the consumption of time even for un occurred incidents and half reported that they don't want to go through investigation for a un occurred incidents. They admitted that there were many near-miss goes un reporting because of big reporting page and it consumes a lot of valuable time.

Redwert Engineering labs gave a demo and training workshop on incident management solution to the staff and asked about the feedback. A positive response came from them that through software reporting can be done easily. Post-implementation, there was a significant and rapid improvement in Near miss reporting. There was no delay in investigation and RCA. All investigation and review are done through software so the staff got a blame-free environment which enhances the reporting Hence increased the patient safety through a systemic process.

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20 Aug 2019, 10:20 PM

True, We want easy reporting and blame free environment.


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