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What are the benefits of using Technology for Managing Incidents?

When treatment, patients hope that their health issues/ disease will be appropriately taken care of by the Hospitals and Healthcare professionals. However, the data shows that one in four patient is been affected by a hospital-acquired infection and shockingly the 3rd leading cause of death is medical errors.

Since the data is astounding, how can we deal with Healthcare Incidents?

  1. Standardization of Healthcare incident management process with global guideline
  2. Train your staffs and encourage them in reporting incidents
  3. Remove a blame-free culture
  4. Prepare a dedicated team as Hospital Incident Management team for investigations
  5. Adopt a Healthcare incident management software for reporting, tracking and managing incidents on a daily basis
  6. Create awareness of patient safety among patients

Now you will roll your eyes and think we all know this, but how to implement these steps or will all these be done by implementing any software?

The answer is yes, Redwert Engineering Labs understand the needs of each hospital and their working culture. We are developing custom made software that will fit according to your needs. We have medical consultants who give the requirements and expertise who can architect those solutions into a software product. So we are just not a software developing company.

How we ensure We started with some terrifying data, how our incident Management software helps in reducing Adverse incidents?

Redwert Incident Management module will encourage reporting with the help of machine learning within 3 clicks. It is recommended that comprehensive reporting happens in a blame-free environment, Redwert solutions adopt a framework and a workflow hence no unnecessary chance of questions. Each hospital incidents undergo certain workflow with the incident management team to find the underlying causative factors, based on the root cause analysis the corrective or preventive steps have to take. Each Hospital incident will be assessed for a risk analysis matrix to find the prevalence and appropriate steps to be taken to avoid the occurrence in future Patient safety can not be achieved in one single day, it has to embedded in education and training for all healthcare professionals like on the job training, seminars, workshops etc. Not only healthcare workers but also the patients should be aware of their safety while in the hospital. With Redwert Incident Management Software, you are getting all in one system, it helps in reporting, helps in proper tracking and investigation, helps in finding RCA, helps in training and implementing CAPA and also helps to avoid the same genre of incidents in future.

Let us keep patient safety in heart and work towards a better environment for patients and staffs. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Redwert Engineering Labs for demo and implementation within 15 days.

In the above paragraph, we discussed the importance of the reporting system in the Hospital for near-miss events or any adverse events, in a hospital setting. Healthcare workers should report incidents whenever it occurs; this gives alerts to administrators look into the events and provides management with data that helps prevent repeat mistakes.

Here, we will discuss What makes hospital incident reporting software effective?

According to AHRQ guideline, an effective hospital reporting system has some important characteristics.

  1. The system should allow support and protection to the submitter (those who report events)
  2. The system should provide equal opportunity among healthcare professionals
  3. The effective system should possess a workflow
  4. The effective system should have a feature of viewing reports for the future

Let us examine each point in details,

The system should allow support and protection to the submitter (those who report events)

All employee should have an idea about how incident reporting works in their organization. An employee should be encouraged to report events without scared of investigation and punishment. Staffs should be reinforced that the investigation is happening for a better environment for them as well as patients. Going anonymous can lead a huge set back in increasing the reporting process. An effective system should support the submitter but it doesn’t mean that the system may protect them from being investigated and if required give punishment (depends on the action) but the investigation and punishment should be non-biased and blame-free.

The system should provide equal opportunity among healthcare professionals

All healthcare professionals have equal opportunity for accessing the system for reporting events from anywhere in the premises. Easy and quick accessible web portals, Mobile App or desktop app should be available for them. Redwert brings a PWA feature which allows the staffs to report hospital incidents without internet.

The effective system should possess a workflow

An effective system has a flow of work so that no events will go unnoticed it should reach an appropriate person for their action, may it is a reviewing or an approval. Intimations like SMS, Email notifications should help in quick actions.

The effective system should have a feature of viewing reports for the future

It is equally important to archive the documents even after the investigations for analytics purpose. A good system should possess a log register where all investigations and feedback should be readily available not for all but for authorized person for further investigation. Do you have a system in place for managing your Hospital Incidents Effectively? Does your System meet all the requirement as per the guideline? If not, its time for implementation of Redwert Hospital Incident Management System in your organization for better work culture and safe environment.

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